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Susan Nicole Wright

Psychic Medium-RMT


Phone: 1-804-837-7110

Susan Nicole Wright is a Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Spiritual Life Path/Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master Teacher,  also certified in Psychology.

Susan has been gifted and in touch with the spirit world since early childhood which has led to her 40+ years of experience. Susan see's her abilities as a gift from God, which allows her to assist others with the process of healing by connecting them with their departed friends/loved ones that have crossed over to the "Other Side".  Susan is able to bring to you information and confirmations from those in the afterlife as well as any psychic guidance that is needed in your physical life pertaining to your past, present and future with extreme accuracy.


Susan has read for people all over the globe. In the past, Susan has worked as an online International psychic, and has rendered her services to people of all ranks in society, including prominent business professionals and celebrities.

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Thank you for visiting Susan's website. Susan always feels honored to help you! Please see the "About" page for more information on Susan.


Areas covered include:

 Picture Reading

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